Pullman Community Council on Aging
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SCS Honor Roll

Thanks to these outstanding groups and volunteers!

  • LDS - Singles Ward
  • Pi Kappa Phi
  • Pullman City Employees 
  • Pullman Christian School
  • Sigma Alpha Mu
  • Real Life on the Palouse: ServeFest
  • Rotary Club - Pullman
  • Washington Trust Bank 
  • WSU Center for Civic Engagement students
  • WSU Panhellenic Council, Alpha Delta Pi, Omega Delta Phi, and Pi Kappa Phi 



Senior Chore Service

PCCoA established a volunteer-chore network in January 2013 as part of its mission to ensure Pullman's seniors enjoy a high quality of life.  Many seniors have chosen to retire in Pullman, and at times they need an extra helping hand in order to remain in their homes.  As members of a community that admires and respects its elders, we owe it to our seniors to provide assistance whenever possible.

The Senior Chore Service continually recruits volunteers to serve our local seniors. Volunteers include responsible school children, university students, church groups, individuals, families, service clubs, as well as fellow senior citizens.  If you would like to volunteer, instructions are included below.

All services are provided free of charge. Donations from the community are welcome! 

Annually over 50 seniors receive assistance, either through individual volunteers or through university/community group chore crews where community and university groups work at multiple homes for several hours at a time.

To Receive Chore Services

  1. Contact Senior Chore Service Coordinator.
  2. The Coordinator will send you a Senior Participation - Chore Service Request form, or you can download it (see "For Seniors").
  3. Upon receipt of your Request Form, she will meet with you to discuss chore options, service limitations, and expectations for both senior and volunteer.  A brief home-safety assessment may be made.
  4. After the Coordinator assigns a volunteer (Chore Placement), she will notify you.  The volunteer will then contact you to arrange a time to assist you.
  5. Social services or health care professionals may refer a client for chore services.  Contact the Coordinator for the Client Referral: Senior Participation - Assistance Request form, or download it (see "For Seniors").

Services Available

Outdoor   * Yard Clean-Up     *Leaf Raking    *Snow Shoveling              *Periodic Yard Maintenance     *Light home maintenance & repair

Indoor    *Indoor Cleaning     *Re-arranging Furniture    *Packing    *Flipping Mattresses    *Light home maintenance & repair    *Computer Assistance    *Meal Preparation (periodic)    *Companionship

Other    *Moving items to another location  *Entertainment (e.g. attending concerts, movies, etc.)


To Provide Services as a Volunteer

  1. Contact Senior Chore Service Coordinator, or download SCS Volunteer Application (see "For Volunteers").
  2. The Coordinator will meet with you to review your application, discuss services needed, service limitations, and expectations for both senior and volunteer.  The Volunteer Handbook will be reviewed.
  3. Once the Coordinator makes a Chore Placement, she will provide you with the senior's name and phone number.
  4. If you are part of a group looking for one-time service opportunities, the Coordinator will work with you to find the types of service your group can provide and some possible service dates.  We LOVE working with groups of volunteers; they can make a BIG impact in one or more locations on the same day.




Senior Chore Service

Program Cell Phone:  509/332-9627

E-mail:  PullmanSrChores@gmail.com

Grants Received

Walmart Community Grants

Empire Health Foundation (2014, 2016)

Inland Northwest Community Foundation: Palouse Region Community Grant (2013)

Rotary Club - Pullman Irving Field Community Grant (2016)

For information about donating to PCCoA and/or the Senior Chore Service, please go to Funding and Donations page.