Pullman Community Council on Aging
A Legacy of Caring Since 1973


Pullman Community Council on Aging funds its operations and programs through generous community donations and grants, along with nominal fees for those able to pay (Meals on Wheels). 

Senior Chore Service operates with a paid, part-time coordinator, but no fees are charged for assistance given to Pullman seniors. Donations provide support for the coordinator, as well as for costs of equipment and supplies used to assist seniors. The Council also employs a part-time administrative coordinator.

We welcome community donations for Meals on Wheels to allow us to continue offering meals to those in Pullman who may not be able to afford even those small amounts.  PCCoA has never turned away potential Meals on Wheels clients for inability to pay, which is unusual compared to other programs. Donations also provide funds for keeping the program stocked with meal trays, delivery coolers, and other supplies.

The Guide to Senior Services is published and distributed free of charge, also funded by grants and donations. It is designed to help identify local community services for seniors and caregivers. It also includes information about senior housing communities, in-home health and hospice care, as well as health and safety hotlines and helpful national and regional websites.

Recent financial support received from:

    • Pullman Child Welfare
    • United Methodist Women
  • 501 Commons Pathways organizational assessment program (2017)
  • SEL, Inc community grant in support of updated Guide to Senior Services (2017)
  • Women's Leadership Guild (Pullman Regional Hospital) community grant in support of Senior Chore Service (2018)
  • Lewis-Clark Valley Healthcare Foundation community grant in support of Meals on Wheels (2018).
  • Bayer Fund "America's Farmers Grow Communities" grant in support of Meals on Wheels (2019).

If you would like to make a donation to support these vital community programs, please download the attached form and mail it with your contribution to the address listed. 

For donation card, please click here.

We and those we serve deeply appreciate your support.